Second round open for participants

From August 1st until August 31st, 2017, the second and last round of TREC OpenSearch 2017 will run. TREC OpenSearch is a platform which allows information retrieval researchers to receive feedback on their rankings from real, unsuspecting users. It is still possible until August 1st to sign up, submit rankings and take part in the competition!

Signing up as participant

  • The participant guide describes step-by-step how to take part in TREC OpenSearch.
  • The Guidelines page on the website gives guidelines for the 2017 edition.
  • Signing up directly is possible here.

Guidelines posted

The detailed guidelines have been made available. Consider this document a living draft, which may be updated with clarifications or additional explanations, if needed.

There will be three evaluation rounds (Jun 1 – July 15, Aug 1 – Sep 15, and Oct 1 – Nov 15).

The first round should be seen as a “trial” round, mainly meant to test the whole infrastructure and to allow participants familiarize themselves with the procedure. Only CiteSeerX and SOAR are participating in this round; their test queries are already available.